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Off the Gardner River

After entering the park from Montana at the north entrance, I follow US 89 for five miles south to the Bunsen Peak Trail. On the almost...

Interstate Chatter

Weary from the long night’s drive through Kansas in a convoy hammering down I-70, I am anxious this morning to measure the miles east...

New Hampshire Journal

I lift the white porcelain cup, gulp a mouthful of black tea, pick up the second half of the jelly sandwich, content that the twelve-hour


This collection brings us to the New England landscape where the reader encounters herons in Maine’s Scarborough Marsh, the pews of Seamen’s Bethel in New Bedford, and much more.

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Jim Brosnan is a university professor, writer, and photographer who lives with his wife Donna in southeastern Massachusetts. Jim’s passion for exploring new places has brought him to thirty-nine states in the continental United States as well as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and Quebec. His travel has included cross-country road trips with stops at Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains, and Yosemite as well as long-distance trips by rail to Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Charleston, South Carolina. He is a five-time finalist in NEATE’s Poet of the Year competition and has won awards by the National Federation of Poetry Societies. 


  • Aurorean

  • Eunoia Review (Singapore)

  • Minnesota English Journal

  • Nine Muses (Wales)

  • Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada)

  • Voices of the Poppies (United Kingdom)

  • Crossways Literary Magazine (Ireland)

  • Lakeview: International Journal of Literature and Arts (India)

  • Naugatuck River Review

  • Strand (India)


Painterly, generous, Brosnan’s poems reminded me that attending to beauty is a daily practice, and writing it all down is a kind of prayer.

Kimberly Cloutier Green,
author of The Next Hunger

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